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Your break at our Yoga retreat in South Tyrol. Yoga in the mountains. A holiday devoted to health and wellbeing.

Feldmilla lives Yoga.
Breath in. Breath out. Simply be.

Inner peace. Balance. Recharging your batteries. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yoga is the world's oldest  method of bringing your body, mind and soul into harmony, alleviating stress and tensions, keeping the body healthy, and boosting your energy. The yoga execises or asanas work on every area of the body. The help strengthen your muscles and joints, relax the spine, stimulate the function of the internal organs, and activate the flow of energy through the body. Why not give it a try and take one of our yoga courses at the feldmilla.designhotel?

Yoga retreat at the feldmilla.designhotel for guests and locals.

We offer the following Yoga classes with Nadia Donato.
Monday           8.30-9.30am
Wednesday     9.30-10.30pm (night session for a good sleep)
Sunday           4.30-5.30pm

These Yoga classes are for level I and II. Please book the Yoga class the day before until 6pm at the reception. Phone: +39 0474 677100
Costs: 15,00 Euro per person per class


Special Yoga Event
'Yoga Village' in Campo Tures and Aurina Valley
from 28/06 until 07/07/19

...enjoy 30 international Yoga teachers and their program. Book feldmilla and visit these speciale Yoga classes.

Our restaurant for connoisseurs in South Tyrol


Calling all connoisseurs: South Tyrol re-interpreted.


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