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Where nature is respected

Live stylishly. Act sustainably.

Our nature. Our home. What makes us proud. We protect and preserve it as a matter of course. A matter of honor. For this reason, clean electricity from our own hydropower plant is what flows through the veins of the feldmilla.designhotel. And heat from the biomass heating plant. This is why we support climate protection projects. It’s why everything in our kitchen is regional, seasonal and ecological. Conserving resources and respecting nature. Simply because it makes us feel good. And because it makes people happy being surrounded by lovely things, Mother Nature is also our favorite designer. Wood. Stone. Earthy tones. Clear, pure design. Individual pieces, made to measure. Style and sustainability - no contradiction.

Upcycling projects, design & sustainability, workshop for people with disabilities

Consistently sustainable.
Completely our style.

Ethical and aesthetic. No contradictions. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we are passionate about creative upcycling projects. Our wine corks are recycled in a workshop for people with disabilities. And transformed into chic designer pieces by hard-working hands.

Water from the sparkling wine coolers is used to water the flowers

Just pour it away?

Water, a precious commodity. Since we are completely committed to sustainability, we also consciously take care of our mountain spring water. This means that the melt water from the sparkling wine coolers is not simply poured away, but used to water the flowers.

Exclusive feldmilla. style of furnishings, exclusive design

Our face.
Exclusive design.

And here and there: something special. Be inspired by the exclusive feldmilla. style of furnishings. Perhaps surprised too. Unique items, individual pieces. Made to measure. High quality materials, that skillfully bring the colors and shapes of the natural landscape into the hotel.

Fresh mountain spring water from the Valle Aurina, feldmilla.designhotel

Pure unspoilt beauty.
Mountain fresh.

The good things are often so simple. So close at hand. And are given to us. A particular treasure is waiting for you in the minibar: fresh mountain spring water from the Valle Aurina. Decanted into glass bottles. Pure, sustainable and healthy.

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